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Tembi Fokaidis, with an interest and knowledge of years.

Greek Sausage is a taste particularly delicious and dear. Of course, its composition changes from place to place, since dietary habits also differ. What is important, however, is the quality of the meat, which must be clean and suitable for processing.

In our "Tempi" craft we use only fresh meat of pork, beef, chicken and sheep, fully tested and guaranteed. Also naturally dry onions, fresh leeks and fresh spices. We faithfully follow the traditional recipes, while our technology ensures top-quality hygiene and maintenance of our products so that they always arrive at the table of the consumer.

It is a fact that every kind of meat has its own delicacy and certainly suits our choices more or less.

At the entrance of the Tempi valley, under the shadow of Olympus and Kissavos, a breath away from Pinios, we created the state-of-the-art sausage and sausage manufacturing "Tempi". Our aim is to highlight the traditional tastes and create the authentic sausages of the Thessalian land. Based on our effort, the leading raw material and the guarantee of hygiene.

Our company's goal is to capitalize on its high-tech equipment and the experience of its associates, developing its range of products with superior quality products that will characterize the taste and the sense of responsibility towards the consumer. In this context, our company has ensured that it fulfills all the requirements for the award of the HACCP & ISO 22000 Quality Certificates.